About Us

     Inspire 111 is a family operated, custom printing business that was founded in 2011 by John and Amber Carter.  We print customized clothing and apparel using several processes including screen printing, glitter decoration, rhinestone embellishment, sublimation, and embroidery. Clothing is not the only thing we decorate. We also offer full CYMK printing on custom banners, signs, decals, and promotional advertising products.  In addition, we offer specialized engraving and hand stamping on trophies, awards, jewelry, and gifts.  As you can see, if it requires custom decoration, we can make it happen. Primarily working out of our home in addition to traveling to events to offer our services, we take pride in our ability offer flexible contact hours to our customers.   

     John and Amber both love being active and are avid marathoners.  We also enjoy all types of team sports and have been extremely involved, as we have coached athletes ranging from youth league to the varsity level for over 15 years.  So all in all, we began Inspire 111, with a mission to "Embrace the Energy" with customized items and apparel.  In the past, Inspire 111 has been an enjoyable, part-time business for us in addition to our teaching and coaching careers.  Now we are thrilled that due to the overwhelming support of the great schools and organizations that we serve, we are pursuing our passion full time.

     We know from personal experience that our customers have very little free time with all of the duties and responsibilities that come with organizing quality programs, so it is our commitment to create no additional work. With our free, all-inclusive fundraising service, our customers receive specialized, color order forms featuring their group design and many unique spirit wear items available for purchase.  The order forms are sent home with students, group members, or athletes and the orders and payments are collected in an envelope by the leader as they are returned.  Leaders may also direct group members to visit our website where they may make a purchase towards the fundraiser online by credit or debit card.  At the sales closing date, leaders simply turn in their envelope of orders and payments to us, and we take it from there.  We sort and check each order, then print the group apparel.  We deliver filled orders within two weeks of receiving them, and every order is bagged separately for easy distribution.  At that time, we also present the group leader with a profit check, so there is no waiting involved.  The group receives $5.00 for every item sold regardless of overall quantities.

     In addition to spirit wear fundraising, we also specialize in on-the-spot printing at large group events.  With the host group’s approval, we bring everything we need, attend the event, and provide students, group members, or athletes with the option to purchase tee shirts, hoodies, and often other apparel to commemorate the day.  We also personalize our shirts with names and/or athlete numbers, and print everything to order, on-the-spot.  The only thing we require is a little space (room for 4-5 folding tables - which we supply) and access to an electrical outlet.  Running indoor / outdoor extension cords is not a problem, and we provide those as well.  To thank groups for allowing us to set up at their events, we are happy to share our profit.  Inspire 111 donates 25% of all profits from each event back to the host organization. 

     There are no fees, risks, or overhead expenses associated with our fundraisers or our event services.  The organizing group automatically receives a profit sharing check as a thank you, without the hassle of securing volunteers to work at an event or the extra work required to organize an independent fundraiser.  We have received tons of positive feedback from the parents, schools, and community members whom we currently serve.  

     We hope this gives you a clear picture of what Inspire 111 is all about.  We would love the opportunity to develop a relationship with you and help you reach your goals for many years to come.


 Address: 1818 Washington Blvd., Ste A
           Belpre, OH  45714

 Phone: (740) 236-3368

 Email: sales@shopinspire111.com